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You can now pick up our custom picked "Bird Boxes" containing The Butcher's monthly picks from the shop. Each month will be carefully selected to provide a variety of butcher'd protein favorites great for the grill, oven, flat top, well... pretty much wherever you want to cook really.  

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Get started in 2 minutes, all you have to do is sign up, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • The Bird Box

    Every month
    • A Monthly Box Including A Variety of Butcher'd Products
    • Each Month Will Feature A Choice Selection Of Meats
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We choose the box's protein selections the first Monday of every month. Then it's ready for you to come pick it up and enjoy!

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Start enjoying your monthly order of high quality premium select meats that are packed with care and ready for enjoyment. Trust us you won't be disappointed. Jump on board now cause' we're capping this baby at 100 orders.

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Pick Up Your Bird Box The First Week Of Each Month 

The first week of the month will start on the first Monday of the month and be available until Sunday of that week. (Orders that are not picked up will be restocked)

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